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Soft Play Equipment Hire

Having a party at home? A barbecue? Hiring a village hall? Whatever you're doing to make the most of this summer, we have a soft play package for you. Scroll down to see our options, click here to book now, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have something particular in mind; we'll be happy to tailor a package for you.


Hiring soft play takes away a lot of the stress in organising a child's birthday party:- 

You know that everything is safe for use by kids of all ages.

Younger children especially can be a little particular over seeing groups of other children playing with their toys. Hiring soft play takes this away.

There is generally more than one of everything, greatly reducing both turn taking time and potential for tears, which let's face it is exactly what we don't need on a birthday party

Our middle and large packages are delivered and set up, so you can spend more time preparing food, blowing up balloons, setting up the table and any one of a million things that needs to be done on time.

Our packages are all cleaned down and disinfected by us, which takes the stress away from the epic clean up operation at the end of the party, often whilst trying to contend with a very over-tired youngster



Collection Only Package  £30.00

Soft play shapes

2 x Animal Hoppers

4 x Foam mats

Wheely bug

Scuttle bug

Swing car

Stepping stones

2 x Hula hoops

Medium soft rocker


Small Party Package   £50.00

Ball pit and balls

Soft play shapes

Medium soft rocker


Scuttle bug

Wheely Bug

Swing car

4 x Foam mats

2 x Padded soft play mats

Crawl through tunnel

2 x Animal hoppers


Large Party Package   £80.00

Ball pit and balls

Soft play shapes

Jumbo soft rocker

Slide Cozy Coupe car

2 x Wheely Bugs

2 x Swing cars

8 x Foam mats

4 x Padded soft play mats

Little Tikes horse rocker

Stepping stones

Crawl through tunnel

Soft play step and slide 

4 x Animal hoppers


Delivery is just £15.00 for orders within a 10 mile radius of our soft play centre in Washingborough. We will bring your package on the morning of the event, help you set it up, and then collect it again later on that evening. If your event is planned to last multiple days, or you want to discuss extras, please either pop in, or give us a call 

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Zara - Ruskington

I always find it really difficult to find somewhere to entertain a preschooler and a baby but at Holly Tree there is something for both of them. My baby has plenty to do and loves the Jumperoo whilst my eldest spends most of her time on the "amazing bumpy slide" (Myia, Age 3). There's also a lovely selection of cakes and coffee for mums!

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