Our restaurant serves a wide range of snacks, light bites, main meals and desserts catering for adults, children and baby.

Holly Tree can even satisfy the demands of even the fussiest mini diner with our very own Baby Menu. Developed with advice from nutritionists, and with the biggest range of all soft play centres we've encountered, you can be sure you are feeding your baby something both healthy and delicious.

Baby and weaning menu served at holly tree

Our toddler and children's menu combines the classics that children love to eat, with home made quality and as much healthy options as we could squeeze in. Our gluten and vegan friendly Caulinese for example contains no less than 5 different vegetables in its sauce. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page see the full recipe.

Toddler and Childrens menu with vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free options, all homemade and as healthy as we know how



We can cater for most dietary requirements and allergies - our menu is marked with Low Fat, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options, however if you have a more specific requirement, please ask a member of staff and we will prepare a suitable alternative. We are extremely proud to offer over 25 vegan and vegetarian options for baby, toddler, child and adult alike! We stock vegan cheese, vegan cakes and vegan ice cream! Please ask a member of the team for details.

All food can be pre-ordered in advance to minimise wait times during busy periods (we know how much fun it can be trying to get a hungry toddler to sit and wait!).

As well as our fantastic homemade cakes, cookies and desserts, our adult menu offers homemade pizzas, jacket potatoes, baguettes and paninis, a selection of main meals and a choice of 3 different soups.


Adult snack and main menu, please see in house for dessert menu




New for 2019 - Homemade Traditional Puddings - £2.95

We are delighted to offer some delicious homemade sponges, jam, treacle or chocolate, for you to enjoy. Served with a choice of custard, whipped cream or ice cream (vegan ice cream available).


*We do not permit food that hasn't been purchased from Holly Tree to be consumed on the premises, our menu is very extensive and we cater for all. Baby food is of course allowed for children up to 12 months, this does not include crisps, biscuits, yogurts etc (snack items) as we offer a wide selection of these ourselves. We are proud to offer our very own baby and toddler menu which has a variety of options suitable for various stages of weaning. We also stock a wide range of baby food jars and pouches and Ella's Kitchen snacks from crisps to wafers. Please do not be offended if a member of the team informs you of our policy during your visit.

Having a party? We offer both hot and cold buffet menus, and even have a range of Birthday Cakes to suit every need! Please see our Parties section for full details.



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Zara - Ruskington

I always find it really difficult to find somewhere to entertain a preschooler and a baby but at Holly Tree there is something for both of them. My baby has plenty to do and loves the Jumperoo whilst my eldest spends most of her time on the "amazing bumpy slide" (Myia, Age 3). There's also a lovely selection of cakes and coffee for mums!

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