New Mums (and Dads)

We have some excellent baby classes and groups and plenty of baby equipment for new parents to test out. The play centre runs a regular 'baby weigh' session in its dedicated baby and toddler area, hosted by a qualified health care visitor. We also have a baby signing class, story time sessions and sensory mornings.
Parents-to-be are more than welcome to visit us before baby arrives too! We have a good selection of baby books and magazines to read over coffee and cake. Most of our staff have been in your position and are more than happy to share their knowledge (and mistakes!), and let's not forget our following of brilliant and helpful customers. It's always nice to see like-minded people getting together, whether at one of our baby groups, or informally over coffee, to share their experiences. We are both proud and lucky enough to have an abundance of these people joining us at our soft play centre, everyday!
As if that wasn't enough, we are also lucky to be part of a network of great businesses to help steer you through the challenging first few months. In no particular order, and not exhaustive by any means, we have:
Baby's Basket - A great charity aimed at providing, as the name suggests, baskets of baby items for parents struggling to provide for their newborns
Life Lived Photography - An excellent photographer specialising in documentary style photography, storytelling in real moment photos and highly recommended by us
My Baby Can Dance - Promoting strength, balance and coordination through movement to music
Baby Signing Lincoln - We took our eldest to baby signing classes. In a fun, song-filled environment, baby learns to communicate via signs: Absolutely invaluable for those months before she could form words